Workforce Efficiency

Gas Processing Plants

Compare the efficiency and competitiveness of your operations to your peers so that you can know with certainty what optimization, staffing, and investment decisions you can make to stay competitive.

The Industry Leader in Benchmarking – PTAI has been exclusively focused on benchmarking since 1992



The Gas Plant Benchmarking baseline program is divided into 7 major business driver aligned modules

Normalization enables the objective comparison of multiple sites of diverse sizes, technologies and complexities

Normalization – PTAI’s proprietary normalization methodologies have been tested and validated over 30 years of benchmarking studies across the globe. Our normalization factors and indices accurately and effectively account for differences in site configuration, throughput, product slate and technology. PTAI’s methodology enables clients to effectively and objectively compare the performance of their plants internally and with others in the industry.




Some of the more common objectives that our Clients have in participating in a benchmarking project include:

  • to quantify and understand their strengths and weaknesses relative to internal and external competitors
  • to gain insight into their competitive position in their industry or region
  • to make changes in costs and operating practices that impact efficiencies across the enterprise
  • to make discoveries allowing management to re-allocate capital and other resources for certain business units or for the company overall
  • to determine how well their company or facility is actually performing in the marketplace

PTAI’s programs are designed and executed with a focus to bring tangible and practical value to our clients. Our studies will help you answer the following questions:

How do I know if I am competitive?

What areas should I focus on to become or remain competitive?

What magnitude of improvement can I practically aim for?

Confidential & Secure – Benchmarking programs executed by PTAI ensure complete confidentiality of all parties and are in full anti-trust compliance.





You can expect the following deliverables with each engagement:

  • On-site training to ensure accurate and efficient data collection & reporting.
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use Data Collection Instrument (DCI) and Data Input Instruction Manual
  • Collaborative, partnership type engagement to facilitate an efficient and effective study
  • Rigorous data validation
  • Calculation of the plant complexity factors, maintenance factors and performance indices
  • Actionable findings and results
  • Timely and comprehensive Preliminary & Final reports
  • Executive management presentation

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